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Here’s Why Your Gift Is So Needed

Far too many believers are caught off guard—a bit like deer in the headlights—when challenged to explain what they believe and why. For that reason, STR works to equip you and others to engage the culture with the truth of Jesus.

People like you have made the past three decades of productivity possible. You have helped us build a legion of clear-thinking ambassadors for Christ, and you have helped us pass the baton of discipleship to the next generation.

You make it possible. . . and we can’t do it without you. Your kind and much-needed year-end support now enables STR to strengthen you and thousands of others to stand firm and stand tall as beacons of light in this dark time.

The Challenge

And to inspire your generosity, dedicated friends of STR have pledged a $300,000 challenge gift. Their hope is to inspire you and others to take their lead and equal or surpass their challenge before the December 31 deadline.

Your kind year-end support, paired dollar for dollar with theirs, will do twice as much to instill the courage and confidence all of us as believers need now to hold the line, to stand firm amid mounting opposition, no matter the cost.

Plus, in special thanks for your support of any amount, now through December 27, STR will send you a signed copy of Greg Koukl’s brand-new book, Street Smarts—Using Questions to Answer Christianity’s Toughest Challenges. This book helps Christians better engage in productive conversations with those who challenge their convictions. A follow-up to Koukl's best-selling Tactics, this book focuses on revealing the fundamental flaws in common, current challenges to Christian beliefs and values. It then provides individual strategies, offers model questions, and sample dialogues to help guide believers in genial, yet persuasive, conversations.

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Instead of giving cash, you can make a tax-smart gift before the end of 2023! Many STR supporters give stock or make an IRA gift (if they’re over 70.5), all of which have benefits over donating cash.

Your financial partnership is important because Stand to Reason is a donor-supported ministry. Stand to Reason is a 501(c)3, so your gift is tax deductible as allowable by the IRS.